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Rosie Coyote: Bringing a Community Together

his site is dedicated to a coyote named Rosie. She brought our Laurel Canyon, California neighborhood together in an amazing way in the late summer of 2009. This site is also dedicated to educating people accurately and truthfully about the relationship we have with the wildlife in the urban-interface. Hopefully other communities will also learn how to do the same through experiencing Rosie’s story.

No one knew what she was when she first appeared, because she was hairless and dark gray. Some people even thought she was a Chupacabra. She was the saddest looking animal we had ever seen. Everyone wanted to help her. In any other situation she would have been doomed.

The community united and spent three months tracking her. She was finally trapped in our garden and brought in for rehabilitation. She was released back to the wild and is now running free, as she should be, helping to keep our community vermin and disease free.

Rosie’s story is one of how a coyote brought our community together and taught us how to live with the wildlife rather than destroying it.

Rosie Coyote is the beginning of a campaign to educate people about coyotes and all the wildlife in the urban interface. Coyotes, like sharks, are completely misunderstood and misrepresented, yet a very necessary part of our ecosystem, as are all animals – including us.

rosie coyote1
Rosie at first sighting

Rosie coyote2
Rosie six weeks into rehab
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