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Rosie Coyote: Transmissions

These are transcriptions of communications between Rosie
and several animal communicator volunteers during the months we tracked her.

Transmission Number One

August 29, 2009

Black Dog

Who are you, Black Dog, and how did you arrive here?
I am essentially a nothing. Soiled clothing, mis-addressed values, things that were lost. Don’t address me as if I matter—I am okay with the wind in my face. It’s a journey I must face alone. There is a certain feeling to it, one that I cannot explain. I fear not for what I must go through and I am stronger than you think.

Why have you come to live in this area?
I have chosen it because there is a need here. A need to re-define values, to share in community and to make me a part of it. There is no sense in being here for no reason. There is a light to be shown on this pathway for all who encounter me. I live well beyond the means of just being here—I came to help them see things. True glory lies in the individual endeavor to improve upon one’s life. If they really listen, they will know that I have come here to help them. It is a short life I lead, but I have come here to help with this one. Cherish the moment.
The things you say are deeply important. So there is a spiritual need among this group of people?
Yes, and it is my duty to persuade them to look further into themselves. I seek glory, but only in the most private, private way.

Do you wish to find a place here where you are safe?

I don’t know, really. It was a hard journey to get here and become free from other things. I entertain the light, somehow. It’s freedom of choice, really.
My mystery is part of my plan.

Transmission Number Two

December 12, 2009

MESSAGE From Rosie
Rosie • 121209

I sit squarely with all of you now and I am here to teach. I hope that you will ponder my existence and know that I have come to help you. I retain a future that holds true for all of you. Oh yes, so sad, so sullen, I know. But I do not shed any tears. I like the existence I have and I go with the flow. My beauty lies on the inside.
I know that you have been careful with me and I appreciate it. I do want to wander free again. It is my job to roam once again. Don’t think I am turning on you; it’s just the way I have to be. I have deliberate intentions. Don’t worry about me because I will be well again.
So strange, all of that activity. So odd to work so hard on my behalf. I truly relish the caring, I really do. There is something to be said for that. Milestones occur only once and then they disappear.

How are you feeling about being at the facility, getting better with human help?
It is not the humans that are helping me so much as it is the spirit of giving. I came here to teach, I said. My gift is my presence, and my future here. Carry forward that thought and remember it.
It’s a dynamic cause, all of these things that have gone on. I extend my courtesy to them and I hope they will have me too. I am deserving of their love. Too many things go on that can take that away. The gift is in the Now. I cherish the limelight, I am here now and enjoy the message that I am bringing them. Look no further, I am here now and I have returned. There is no victory in missing the moment. My security lies in knowing this.

Do you know that you will be returning when you get better?
My gift is the Here and Now, not when I get better. That will all be fine too, it’s just that it will be different then. I want to roam free, I really do. I look forward to the moment when I will feel the cold air again. My fears are recognized. I will be set free again. Can you imagine me being captive forever? No. Certainly not. I am not meant for that. I have survived this long and I will survive again. Don’t let me down this time.

Have they somehow let you down?
It’s always an effort to get them to understand my intentions. They are golden, yes. But be true to me and let me go again. I will only wilt away in this environment, as it is not for me. Solidly boring, indeed. No fun. No freedom. No running with the wind. That’s excellent advice, you know. Mark my words. I’ll be back. Don’t dictate to me, I’ll dictate to you. Surface wounds always heal.

What do you want to accomplish with this experience, Rosie?
That there are no accidents, no leaps of faith. We all come upon each other for a reason. Otherwise, we just run in circles and gain nothing. See the wind. See the joy, see me. I am all they have in some ways. No freak show, I was meant to serve up my pride and exhibit what they need to see. Don’t tell me I am lonely in this venture because I am not. I hold the keys to their castle. If they rely on me I will show them how to survive and play this game.
I took sick for a reason. If it is meant to be, then they will learn from me. I make no mistakes in the pathways that I take.
In general, I am fine. But I don’t want you to miss the message. It’s about courage, partly. I had the courage to believe that I could do this and I have not let myself down as yet. It is an effort though, to get them to see my moments. Joy is in vain if it is taken all alone. I don’t mean hardship to anyone but I serve a purpose. It’s unlikely I’ll survive it again.

Why did you come to that neighborhood? How did you get there?
I happened upon it by accident, but not really. I made a mistake in my journey, I had thought. But then it really wasn’t, was it? I am here now, searching for answers too. I understand my predicament. I allowed them to catch me, finally. It used to all be so distant, now it is not. I am here to prevent bad things from happening to them.
I am here, but I want to go home again. Certainly, I’ll have a stake there, I hope. I mean no harm. I only want to live somewhere where I can make the difference. I hope I have done so here. It seems like it but a lot of effort has been put forth for me. It ís an outright pleasure to serve them. Please lead me home again, though. I do wish to live freely again. Can’t imagine not capitalizing on my freedom. Just let me be. I want to go home soon. Their mission is mostly accomplished.

Do you understand what is happening and why you are there now?
Yes, they said they needed to catch me to make me feel better. I don’t know. It seemed like an awful lot of work. Can’t say it was worth it, but who knows.

Worth it to whom---you or them?
All of us collectively. It’s a mission that we all transpired for in advance of the action that has taken place. I will lead you to a better place if you let me, that is my mission. Then set me free, I want to go home.

You will get to go home, Rosie. You need the help and you are getting it.
Two levels of thought there. Notice me for who I am and then notice me for what I intended here. If you miss the point, you have missed it entirely.

Will you stay around after they release you again?
I hope so, it seems like a fine place. But I don’t know. It depends on what the circle of life brings.
I do wish the best for all, though.




More to come. . .

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